Anthony Bordin is a professional real estate agent with the utmost integrity. We met Anthony through a random/online Open House inquiry in early 2022. We are so glad he responded – Anthony worked diligently with us for over six months – meeting us at locations throughout the tri-county area. He also previewed numerous properties with us in mind, wrote and mailed letters to owners in designated “areas of interest”, worked with the seller’s agent, and maintained his composure while researching county and city permits. He was extremely responsive, saved us time and alerted us with properties that matched our criteria, and let us know when to pass – his wisdom was spot on. He also provided us with valuable referrals. Anthony shared his extensive knowledge of the various neighborhoods, and his love for growing up in the local area was contagious. Anthony’s services far exceeded our high expectations; he was an absolute pleasure to work with- he greeted us with a smile and was polite. He even brought and shared his ladder to help with viewing from the roof. We wholeheartedly recommend Anthony and know we have developed a lifelong friendship. We look forward to referring Anthony to our friends, family, and neighbors. If you are in the market for a home, please introduce yourself to Anthony Bordin as he is a fantastic realtor who will get the job done and represent you well.

Ted & Robin

My husband, Mark and I recently had the pleasure of working with Anthony Bordin as our real estate agent. We were in the market for our first home, which can be a stressful experience. Anthony did everything in his power to ensure that we were able to find the home of our dreams. He went above the call of duty. He made the entire experience a fun one. He always kept a positive attitude, and kept our needs in mind, at every cost. We did find a “starter” home of dreams, thanks to Anthony’s diligence and determination. We recommend Anthony Bordin to anyone in the market for real estate, large or small. He will make it happen, and you will enjoy his good sense of business and humor. Anthony is more than our realtor; he is now our friend. We can’t thank him enough

Mark & Renae

Gordon and I want to thank Anthony Bordin so much for your assistance with the purchase of our home. We appreciate your candor when you felt the property was not a good investment for us in the long run and your helpfulness when we were during the process and challenges arose. You never lost your positive attitude, and you didn’t make us feel as if we were making unreasonable requests to complete our due diligence. We always felt you answered our questions. If you didn’t know the answer, you admitted you didn’t, and we went from there. Your upbeat and unassuming attitude is a benefit and a credit to you. We also very much appreciate the gift basket and all the gift cards. We will have a great time using these in the process. We will spread the word about our positive experience. We have been very busy making sure everything will be ready for our move from Virginia. We have a lot to do there before our return. We hope you will keep in contact with us and please feel free to drop by the house anytime for a visit. Please do not hesitate to list us as a reference in the future.

With warm regards,

Gordon & Vicki

Anthony M. Bordin is a very professional realtor and easy to work with. He helped me get a general appraisal for my home and was efficient and helped me through the whole process. His newsletter is helpful too.

Glenn & Peggy

Anthony M. Bordin is a very professional realtor and easy to work with. He helped me get a general appraisal for my home and was efficient and helped me through the whole process. His newsletter is helpful too.


Anthony Bordin was a great help to us selling our house. He was very responsive to all our texts and emails which is so nice and rare these days. Anthony’s knowledge and experience in negotiations were quite evident, he knew the market and helped us make a great deal. We would highly recommend Anthony and trust him completely.

AJ & Jackie

 Anthony Bordin did an excellent job of giving me a realistic picture of the comps in the area. It really helped us determine and ask the price and a selling price for our family’s home. I really appreciated Anthony’s honesty and his expertise on what the homes were selling for in our area. Anthony was easy to communicate with during the process and was always quick to return emails and phone calls. Anthony was able to give us accurate information and was very professional throughout the home selling process. An excellent real estate agent


 Anthony Bordin was the key ingredient to finding and purchasing the perfect home for our family. He is a fine human being, and his good sense of humor always kept our spirits up when things got rocky. You can’t go wrong with him.


Anthony Bordin is very responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. He knows Santa Barbara real estate. He is personable with high ethical standards and values. I would highly recommend him.


 Anthony Bordin found the right house for me because he knew things about the house that weren’t included in the MLS. He always counseled patience and never pressured me. He kept me from buying houses that were not right for me and kept me from settling for something I didn’t love. I looked at so many houses and found the right one. Anthony is terrific and easy to work with. 


Anthony Bordin is incredibly responsive. No matter what time we texted or emailed, he responded within minutes. We could also count on him to follow through.

Michael & Lacy

I enjoyed working with Anthony Bordin and benefited from his professionalism and knowledge. Anthony gave me good information whenever I needed it. And when I didn’t ask for his opinion, he was respectful to my goals and negotiation requirements. I have worked with a few agents in town and was very pleased with Anthony. He got the job done; I got a great house! I highly recommend Anthony as a real estate agent


Anthony Bordin is an agent who really cares about his clients’ My brother, and I sold our family home. Our parents were from Hungary, and this home was full of their love. It was hard to sell; we needed an agent who could help us with not just the details of the transaction but the emotions that come with this delicate situation. Anthony is so compassionate, he tended to each issue with kindness professionalism and patience, my brother and I felt completely at ease! Thank You

Greg & Carolyn

Anthony Bordin is very kind and hardworking. He is always on time, or ahead of time, and does things by the book which saved our transaction a couple times. He was always on top of every detail during my escrow. I purchased a house with him and sold another with him. His confidence and skill in real estate transactions made me feel comfortable even during stressful times.


Anthony Bordin sold my house with his first open house after it had been on the market without selling for 10 months! He was very professional, savvy, knowledgeable, and on top of getting the deal done. He was very experienced when it came to the negotiations. Great customer service overall. I highly recommend choosing him as your agent.

Brett & Megan

Anthony Bordin was able to sell our house quickly and efficiently. His compassionate help made it so that he was able to help us out in getting this done and getting a new family into the home. We really appreciated the extra steps you took to make this happen, his ability to answer all our questions, and suggestions and guidance that proved to be excellent. I would recommend Anthony under any circumstance!


Anthony Bordin was an excellent resource for getting my house ready for market and provided the necessary expertise to get my property listed and sold quickly at an exceptional price; he was able to help me secure an early buyer with an offer better than my original asking price. Throughout the entire process, from listing to escrow, Anthony kept me informed of the status of each step of the process. As a first-time home seller, the process of selling my property was completely new and challenging for me. Anthony’s friendly demeanor made the experience smoother and overall, much less complicated than I anticipated and was very much appreciated! I would recommend him for his outstanding service to others in my situation



Anthony provided first-rate service in assisting me with locating and purchasing my first home in Santa Barbara. I had used his expertise in helping sell my late mother’s house in Santa Maria just a few months prior, so I was already assured of the high quality of his work. His extensive knowledge of the local area and insight with related issues (inspections, repairs, contractors) were instrumental in making the entire home buying process a lot less complex and very much appreciated. Again, I would highly recommend Anthony for someone looking to buy or sell their home.


Anthony is awesome! Very friendly, fun to work with and extremely responsive. His many years in the real estate business show, he has a lot of expertise and makes house buying smooth sailing

Mark & Sandra

We highly recommend Anthony Bordin. He is a Santa Barbara local with vast knowledge and experience of the real estate market. Anthony has the valuable and remarkable quality of genuinely listening to clients, honoring their needs and preferences, then diligently putting his expertise to work. We felt secure with Anthony as our realtor. He has his clients’ best interests at heart and can use excellent negotiation skills on their behalf. Anthony’s work far surpassed our expectations.


You are kind and responsive when we ask for help. You came on time, explained, and cleared up any questions, and well assisted us in term of requirements needed for the house. Experience to help us (home Buyer) dealing with all kinds of formatting paperwork’s of your company also from Flamingos Park Management. Your attitude working to showed you are professional.


After having other realtors, I was lucky to find Anthony. After our first viewing of homes with him, I was able to tell that he is very honest as opposed to the other realtor’s I was working with. He is very knowledgeable about the process, he taught us and guided through this stressful process. I would not have purchased the home I did, for the price I did, if it were not for him. We cannot thank him enough for looking out for our wellbeing and interests. We highly recommend him.

M/M Lopez

Very personable. Anthony went out of his way to help us find the perfect house for both my wife and me. He was very patient, sat with us during breakfast, while we waited to see a house, sat with us during lunch and talked over some of the processes. And is still very helpful.

Bernard & Laura

I first met Anthony at an open house of a neighborhood property. I liked his honesty and gentle approach. He was friendly, and not pushy unlike many Realtors today. When I put my house on the market in spring, I listed with Anthony and he continued to be honest, friendly, and not pushy. He walked me through the process of selling and then helped me find and purchase a condominium. Both transactions were bumpy, but Anthony was right there with me and helped smooth out the process. I gladly recommend Anthony as a realtor to any prospective buyer or seller.


Anthony is a pleasure to work with. He provides me with consistent thorough information with guidance into the marketplace. I find his low pressure; friendly approach refreshing and make him my realtor of choice. His assistance in making offers and closing deals are a great help and again, very easy to work with.


I enjoyed working with Anthony and benefitted from his professionalism and knowledge. Anthony gave me good information whenever I needed it. And when I didn’t ask for his opinion, he was respectful to my goals and negotiation requirements. I have worked with a few agents in town and was very pleased with Anthony. He got the job done; I got a great house! I highly recommend Anthony as a real estate agent


There was no Better Agent for me than Anthony Bordin. After several failed attempts with other agencies Anthony made it happen and sold several of my properties. Great personality and gets the job done!